About This Project

TRX Systems DAPS II is a next-generation Position, Navigation, and Tracking (PNT) system that allows dismounted soldiers to better target, maneuver, and communicate in GPS-degraded or denied operational environments. TRX DAPS II is a small, lightweight device that delivers assured PNT to the warfighter by fusing inputs from a diverse set of satellite sources and onboard inertial sensors. Throughout the DAPS II project, Core Source supported TRX Systems with mechanical and industrial design expertise, including mechanical development of the ruggedized, low-SWaP hand-held form factor and design of a mechanical interface to the Army Small Tactical Universal Battery (STUB).

  • Next-generation assured Position, Navigation, and Tracking (PNT) solution tailored for dismounted soldiers

  • A lightweight device that acquires, safeguards, and disseminates assured PNT to soldiers on foot

  • Designed for standalone use and seamless integration with the Nett Warrior (NW) ensemble, distributing PNT via the NW ISPDS hub

  • Capable of wirelessly transmitting PNT data to a Wrist Wearable Device (WWD)

*All Information and Photos are the property of TRX Systems

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