About This Project

The Imagescope was developed as the world’s most portable, hi-resolution, fluoroscopic x-ray device in the world. It was based on proprietary Direct Conversion X-ray (DCX) imaging technology similar to that used on night vision googles that could provide real-time, hi-resolution, fluoroscopic x-ray images for fast and accurate diagnosis on the sports field, accident site, barn or military battlefield.

  • Lightweight, rechargeable Li-ion battery powered, handheld imaging device
  • Real-time (30 fps), hi-resolution (>16 lp/mm), fluoroscopic x-ray imaging
  • Patented CsI coated microchannel plate (MCP) imaging detector technology
  • Low radiation levels with scatter protection safety features
  • Full mobile, mini-C-arm cart with display and capture system for office applications
  • Fully custom plastic enclosure, radiation source, high voltage power supply and control panel
  • Optional optical beam splitter for simultaneous live diagnosis and digital recording purposes
  • Target markets included orthopedists, podiatrists, sports medicine, veterinarians, and military doctors

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