Engineering Support

Electrical Engineering

  • PCB Assembly and Inspection
  • PCB Rework and Change Management
  • Electrical Debug and Testing
  • Rework and Repair Analysis
  • Test Fixture Development and Fabrication
  • Cable Design Development and Fabrication
  • Reverse Engineering – Electrical
  • Component Research and Selection
  • Electrical Design Reviews

Mechanical Engineering

  • Prototype Fabrication, Assembly, Test, and Rework
  • QA Inspections and Reports
  • DFX (Manufacturing, Fabrication, Test, and Cost)

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DFX Services

  • BOM Generation and Management
  • Purchasing, Receiving, and Kitting
  • Prototype Mainframe Assembly
  • Regulatory Compliance Support
  • Assembly Aid Design and Fabrication

Behavioral Device

Interactive and motivational device for children to promote good behavior.

Vulcane Enclosure

Vehicle-mounted video surveillance platform becoming known as the DVE replacement.

Virtual Reality HMD

Custom-designed Virtual Reality (VR) Head Mounted Display (HMD) assembly.