About This Project

The laborious task of manually inserting numerous flexible phosphor dental x-ray imaging plates into individual sterile plastic barrier envelopes for each patient was the standard practice at dentist offices.  This dental envelope loader machine successfully automated that process via a custom designed desktop machine with multiple servo motors and sensors, and a specially manufactured roll of continuous barrier envelopes.

  • Load capacity of 50+ reusable phosphor dental x-ray imaging plates
  • Custom designed roll of more 2,000 barrier envelopes from converter
  • Sterile no-touch insertion of dental imaging plate into fully sealed barrier envelopes
  • Easy-open barrier envelope for extraction of reusable phosphor x-ray imaging plate
  • Consistent, quality time-saver for both dentists and dental hygienists
  • Numerous custom plastic injection molded parts, motors, sensors, and controllers
  • Core Source Technologies worked on the Concept, Design, Prototypes and Volume Production

*All Information and Photos are the property of Televere Systems

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