About This Project

This is a custom designed Virtual Reality (VR) Head Mounted Display (HMD) assembly that includes a lightweight, fully adjustable internal frame that holds 24 micro-AMOLED color displays and 24 seamless fresnel lenses to provide at the time the highest resolution and largest Field-of-View (FOV) HMD in the world used by NASA and Honda Corporation.  The comfortable VR HMD was also fully adjustable for a wide variety of head sizes and shapes.

  • A uniquely designed Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display tailored for optimal user experience

  • Features 24 micro-AMOLED color displays paired with 24 seamless fresnel lenses, offering unparalleled resolution and a vast Field-of-View (FOV)

  • Recognized as the highest resolution and largest FOV HMD globally, utilized by esteemed organizations like NASA and Honda Corporation

  • Lightweight and fully adjustable to comfortably fit a diverse range of head sizes and shapes

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