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e-Reader Accessory

e-Reader Solution

Market Sector: Consumer Products

Description and Scope of Project

We were contacted by a leading e-Reader accessory provider to develop a stretch-to-fit silicone, skin-style e-Reader case for the Amazon Kindle2. The case was to be a high-end case that set itself apart from other commercially available cases, while fitting within the client's product portfolio of other high-end, quality products that they offered.

Results and Project Value

Core Source developed three concept models in the initial development phase from which the client selected the concept that best differentiated their product and provided the best quality to their customers. Core Source developed an innovative case that provided overall protection for the e-reader device and featured attached connector port covers, as well as a light-weight screen protector flap that folds out-of-the way and attaches to the back of the e-reader case when in use, and securely attaches to a molded snap feature on the front of the e-reader case when not in use. We added styling features to the back of the case, giving the case character and providing functional properties—it provides ergonomic finger grips and additional protection if the device is dropped on its back. The integrated customer branding was designed into the case by embedding the logo into styling features. Throughout the detail design we worked closely with the client's tooling supplier to enhance mold-ability characteristics while maintaining the aesthetic and functional requirements. We developed detailed documentation for the customer to deliver to a high-volume production facility and it was well-received by the e-reader community.